Explore the Florida Panhandle: 3 Communities You’ll Love

If you’re looking for a new home with a great community lifestyle, there are three excellent options. Pace, Milton, and Cantonment in the Florida Panhandle are safe neighborhoods with great schools and amenities. 

Within a 45 min drive of Santa Rosa Island, each area has the advantage of being near miles of undeveloped natural beaches, fishing piers, and artificial reefs teeming with marine life.  

Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities that these affordable areas have to offer.

Exploring the Florida Panhandle

Pace, FL 

East of Pensacola, Pace is an unincorporated community and the western gateway to Santa Rosa County. One of the fastest growing counties in the United States, why are thousands of people choosing to live here?

What are the Perks of Pace?

Over the course of the 20th century, Pace has grown from a rural area to a bedroom community of Pensacola complete with restaurants, retailers, and big box stores like Target, Publix, and Lowes. Conveniently located, Pace is easily accessible to Milton and Pensacola with residents commuting for career growth. Home to many military service members and civilian employees, NAS Whiting Field is northeast of Pace in Milton.

Featuring a movie theater, bowling alley, and brewery, you don’t have to go far for entertainment. In Pace, you have access to the festivals, farmers markets, and music venues of more dense surrounding communities while enjoying a laid back atmosphere at home. If you enjoy playing golf, Stonebrook Golf Course features 5 sets of tees for different skill levels. On the northern point of Escambia Bay, boaters in Pace have a waterfront park and access to the Gulf of Mexico through Pensacola Bay. 

Beyond the amenities, there are a few pragmatic reasons people are relocating. Residents of Pace benefit from 0% income tax and the unemployment rate is lower than the national average. 

How is the Housing Market in Pace? 

Real estate trends in Pace indicate a thriving development. Over the last six months*, the average price per square foot has increased 1% with an average sales price of $324,000. Properties are selling fast here with an average of less than 10 days on the market.

Pace is a welcoming place to make your home whether you’re raising a family or ready to retire. Ideal for easy-going people, you’ll find relaxing space to explore.

Milton, FL

Milton is one of the oldest cities in the state of Florida. Established as a water-powered lumber mill in 1884, Milton is roughly 24 miles northeast of Pensacola. You can see historic artifacts at Arcadia Mill Archeological Site.

Why do People Love Milton?

On the banks of Blackwater River, Milton is a quiet town where people enjoy canoeing and fishing. Designated as a Florida Main Street Community, Milton is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The downtown historic district has preserved authentic buildings like the Imogene Theater and the West Florida Railroad Museum. Simultaneously, entrepreneurs have established outstanding bakeries, breweries, and restaurants walking-distance to the river walk. Well maintained parks featuring splash pads and boat launches are easy to find here.

Drawing paddlers and tubers, Blackwater River, Coldwater Creek, Sweetwater Creek, and Juniper Creek are spring-fed flowing through Blackwater State Forest. Camping and horseback riding are some locals’ favorite pastime. With an Old Florida aesthetic, Milton benefits from unique areas to explore while being close to outlets for everyday needs. When harvest season comes around and you visit Holland Farms, it is easy to see why Milton is so charming. 

How is the Housing Market in Milton? 

Real estate trends in Milton represent a revitalization of the area. Over the last six months*, the average price per square foot has increased 1% with an average sales price of $298,000. Properties here are selling fast with an average of around 7 days on the market. That said, the cost of living is considerably below the national average.

Milton is a historic place to invest in with an affordable cost of living. Perfect for adventurous people, you’ll find gorgeous natural forests to enjoy.

Cantonment, FL

15 miles north of Pensacola at the narrowest part of Escambia County, Cantonment is historic for establishing one of the first paper mills in Florida. Between Perdido River and Escambia River, this residential area is an ideal bedroom community for people employed in Pensacola.

Why are More People Choosing Cantonment?

Access to eco-recreation on Perdido River and locations to enjoy sports like Cypress Lake Golf Club are excellent reasons to relocate here but the real differentiator is the convenience of U.S. Route 29 at the center. Cantonment is a rapidly growing residential area due to close proximity to employment opportunities and a reasonable cost of living.

How is the Housing Market in Cantonment?

New construction is popping up across this medium-sized suburb. Over the last six months*, the average price per square foot has increased 9% with an average sales price of $306,000. Properties here are selling fast with an average of less than 10 days on the market. Compared to Pace and Milton, Cantonment property values fall in the middle. 

Cantonment is another historically significant place. Excellent for earnest people who want to make the most of the amenities in Pensacola while enjoying more space at home.

We’ve only just begun to highlight the family-friendly communities that surround the Pensacola area. Check back with us soon as we continue to explore more of the Florida Panhandle. 

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